Form 8824 Like Kind Exchange

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Form 8824, Like Kind Exchange is an IRS form published by the Internal Revenue Service in order to keep check on a business transaction which is made between two parties. A “like kind exchange” is a transaction, or barter, of similar things and goods between two parties. These goods are usually of the same category, however livestock’s exchange with that between two different genders is not considered to be like kind exchange.

Values and properties such as cars, land, houses, stocks or even cash are considered as like kind exchange. A transaction between business and investment of any kind is also considered as a property of like kind.

This type of transaction is to be duly noted. This is done by filling the IRS form 8824. These forms keep a tab on trade and exchange of products, not only for the parties who are making the exchange but also and basically for Internal Revenue Services. A part of this form is used and filled by the executive members of Federal government, judicial board and judges to opt for defer gain on a sale where there is a conflict of interest.

In order to get form 8824, the internal revenue service’s has a website, which contains the yearly updated IRS forms. Along with these forms, step by step instructions for 8824 which can help fill the form easily.

You can access the like kind exchange IRS 8824 form online here.

Instructions for IRS form 8824

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1099 Form for Business And Trade Payments

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A person who is involved in a trade or business must fill and file form 1099 to the IRS. It is done in order to keep account of the payments made to an individual who is not an employee or a non-corporate unit. If the payments are made with more than one group, entity or individuals then individual misc-1099 forms must be filled for each separate payment transaction.

A IRS 1099 form is filed at the beginning of each year, around 31st of January for the payments made to entities in last year. A company may file an application for submitting the report and forms a month or so after due date if there is a concern related to transactions, such applications are approved if the cause given is valid.

In order to prepare the Business And Trade Payment Report 1099 form, you must ask the vendors and corporate units to whom you made any payments to fill a W9 form, which will contain their information such as name, address and taxpayer number.

The 1099 form concerns business and trade payments and needs to be filled when a payment of more than $600 has been made to contractors, vendors etc. also in the form of rents, legal fee, medical and health care fee and other certain payment which are more than $600 and have not been recorded anywhere else.

1099 forms need to filed on time or penalties will have to be paid with each delaying month or so.

IMPORTANT: There are several versions of the 1099 form. The 1099 form you send to the IRS must be scannable. To ensure you receive the correct type of form you are advised to order the correct type of form 1099 from IRS here where you can also order 1099 instruction sheets.

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SF-71 Request for Leave or Approved Absence Form

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Standard Form-71 is a request for leave or approved absence, which needs to be given to the head of HR or related officer or manager.

Once you have reached the page containing the sf/opm 71 form, print it out. Federal workers and employees use the fillable SF-71 form when they want to apply for an absence or leave request.

The specific reason for request of leave is a required information and in case there is a medical, health or family concern or emergency this should be noted on the Sf-71 form.

Submit the completed SF-71 Request for Leave or Approved Absence Form to your supervisor or department head.

Update: The SF-71 standard form is now obsolete and replaced with the OPM-71 form.
Visit OPM and their repository of forms including a online fillable OPM-71 form.

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